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sony smartband

How Fashionistas Are Making Wearable Technology Fun

While Fitbit is teaming up with fashion designer Tory Burch for more attractive wearable technology, can Apple be far behind?

iOS 7 Parental Restriction Settings

iOS 7 has many new features including a few which parents of iPhone using children may want to pay special attention to. Some of these features include restricted access to adult content...



Bells & Whistles: Is Technology Really Useful in Education?

How does the use of technology in the classroom impact the quality of our children's education?


Keep Your Family Safe with iPhone Apps for your Home. Tips from Jay Harris of Home Depot

Jay Harris is a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago suburbs and writes for the Home Depot’s website on home electrical products. Jay’s interests include providing homeowners with up-to-date information on ho...



Protect Your Devices! The Best Mobile Insurance Plans from The iPhone Mom

We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment of panic when we drop our precious phone or gadget and hold our breath as we pick it up to inspect the damage. Whether it’s a cracked screen or a quick dip in a puddle, it is never ...

chrome_hero (1)

Chromebook Pixel vs. MacBook Air

Here’s an in-depth rundown on how Google's Chromebook Pixel matches up to the MacBook Air.

155 App Reviews
155 App Reviews