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iOS 7 Parental Restriction Settings

iOS 7 has many new features including a few which parents of iPhone using children may want to pay special attention to. Some of these features include restricted access to adult content...


Seven Helpful iPad Tricks

Make the most out of your iPad with some helpful tips and tricks!



5 Ways to Make The iPod Touch Suitable for Kids

If you’re considering buying an iPod for your children, here are five things you can do to make the iPod Touch more kiddie-appropriate.


How to Use Passbook on the iPhone 5

Passbook is the feature that I was most excited to try when I bought my new iPhone 5. Here’s what you should know.



Tips for Working Out With Your iPod

Over the years, my iPod Touch has become a fabulous exercise buddy and I rarely hit the gym without it. Here are some of my favorite apps and tricks for turning the iPod into a great workout accessory.

iPhone 5 contacts

Tips for Organizing your iPhone 5 Contacts

Create contact groups, sort your contact by first name, and more practical tips for your contact list on the iPhone 5.

155 App Reviews
155 App Reviews