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Ducks Preschool Bag Review

Ducks Preschool Bag is good for small children learning their colors, shapes, and counting when you need a second to find keys or a snack in the bottom of your bag.


What’s My Reading Age? Review

What's My Reading Age? is an easy and fun way for parents to assess their child's reading age. The app also offers suggestions of other apps that may help your child's reading improve based on the results.


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Wander Our World App Review

Children have the opportunity to explore the world's continents and countries with the educational app, Wander Our World


SnapDash: A New App Making a Part in the Sea of Selfies

What's next in the selfie world? Selfies with a twist! SnapDash offers charades topics and a timer to make selfies more fun!


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State Bingo and Geography Crossword Review

How savvy are you with your knowledge of United State geography? Feeling pretty secure? Why not give yourself a match up with State Bingo and Geography Crossword?


World of Puzzles Review

With World of Puzzles, young children can work through a variety of puzzles while developing their fine motor skills!

155 App Reviews
155 App Reviews