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small chemistry screenshot

Small Chemistry Experiments Review

Kitchen experiments can breathe new life into a ho-hum day. They are usually a win-win situation too since the ingredients are typically in the cupboard and learning is going on during the fun


ABC Magic Flashcards Review

Your children will love learning their ABC's with this fun and interactive flashcard app. With a creative and fun surprise waiting for them after every letter, they will be sure to keep coming back for more ABC play!



Appamini ABC Review

The Appamini ABC app is a great way to help children learn the alphabet through various activities and games with animal friends!

music superheroes screenshot1

Music Superheroes Review

There is just something about music that gets us involved. Whether its toe tapping rhythm or finger snapping tempo it gets even tiny tots moving. I found that no exception with my review of Music Superheroes.


SketchPad screenshot4

SketchPad Safari Review

Are you looking for an artist friend to teach your child how to draw animals? Mr. Bazoo of Sketchpad Safari is a happy to help!

My parents are crazy screenshot1

My Parents are Crazy Review

I think most kids imagine what it would be like if Mom and Dad were a little more lax and let them eat whatever they want or stay in their PJ's all day. Banana Splits for breakfast and candy apples for snack, what's not to like...

155 App Reviews
155 App Reviews