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EhonKids Review

A wonderful collection of classic fairy tales and folklore as e-books for you to share with your family anytime!


Time For Kids Family Edition Review

Perfect for grades 1 – 5, Time for Kids Family Edition presents current events, interesting articles, recipes and important personalities in engaging, age appropriate articles.



Splash Math – Grades 1 to 5 Review

Splash Math is a fun, creative and comprehensive tool for helping elementary-aged kids learn math skills!#url#

toontastic screenshot1

Toontastic: All Access Review Update

Great update to Toontastic, a creative way to let your child create their very own animated cartoon!



Fisher-Price Imaginext Apptivity Products Review

These high-quality and amazingly fun iPad cases and apps from Fisher-Price are sure to provide hours of imaginative fun and creativity for your children!

my force

Guard My Angel and My Force Review

You know that feeling when you are walking to your car late at night and no one is around?  There is no good light source and your car seems very far away.  You, of course, have your keys ready but are still somewhat nervous?...

155 App Reviews
155 App Reviews