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ABC Magic Flashcards Review

Your children will love learning their ABC's with this fun and interactive flashcard app. With a creative and fun surprise waiting for them after every letter, they will be sure to keep coming back for more ABC play!


Rio Review

With Rio, kids can read and play with Blu and all his friends!



SnapDash: A New App Making a Part in the Sea of Selfies

What's next in the selfie world? Selfies with a twist! SnapDash offers charades topics and a timer to make selfies more fun!

pony day care screenshot2

Pony Day Care and Play Time Review

Do you remember Tamagotchi? If your child likes taking care of animals or loves horses they will really like Pony Day Care and Play Time!


State Bingo screenshot1

State Bingo and Geography Crossword Review

How savvy are you with your knowledge of United State geography? Feeling pretty secure? Why not give yourself a match up with State Bingo and Geography Crossword?

hello door screenshot1

Hello Door! Review

The circus has come to town and your children will love discovering who's waiting to meet them under the big top.

155 App Reviews
155 App Reviews