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Memory Jar Review

When it comes to using the pictures I take, I’m the worst. I have grand intentions of putting everything together for easy access that everyone can enjoy. The unfortunate reality is photo storage boxes in the closet or unprinted images stored on the computer in a jumble labeled “My Photos”. I hate to admit that I do in fact take less pictures because of it. But I’ve found something to help me with my problem, Memory Jar!
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Kidomatic Review

Holiday picture taking has never been more fun or hilarious as it has since we got the Kidomatic app. This is an easy-to-use program designed for kids and teens who want to have a little fun with the pictures...
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Okidoki Photobook Review

Do you have tons of photos on your iPhone or iPad that you love but are not quite sure what to do with? Why not turn your photos into great little photobooks that you can keep for yourself or send out as...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Zazzle & Krome Review and Coupon

Do you have the person on your Holiday list that seems impossible to buy for? They have everything they want and often tell you that you don’t need to get them anything, just a card and maybe a picture. Welcome to my shopping experience for the in-laws. Introducing my shopping hero this year, Zazzle and Krome, your destination for high quality enhanced photo products!
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Memory Hive Review

With constantly packed schedules and busy lives that never seem to slow down, it is often hard to document those precious moments that happen everyday. If you’re anything like me, there are so many moments...


Through ArtyPop, you are able to take your photos and turn them into art - the sample I tried reminded me of an Andy Warhol print. ... As a huge photography fan, I enjoyed this app and I think that it is definitely worth trying out - and it is available for free download.

Snow Globe Maker Beach

Snow Globe Maker Beach is a fun way to create a unique, virtual souvenir from your summer photos. The app allows you to take your photos and create a customized snow globe. You can change the globe's base,...