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Sparky’s Brain Busters is a new app that will challenge kids with a game of wits.  With Sparky’s Brain Busters, kids can play a fun trivia game that will test their knowledge and fire safety expertise!  I like how this app features both common core topics, as well as a special section on fire safety.

To play the game, kids will spin the wheel and answer trivia questions across five categories: Science, Math, Social Studies, Fire Safety and Sparky’s Choice.  Kids will race against the clock, as well as each other, as they see who can answer the most questions correctly before time runs out.  As children progress through the game, they will earn character badges.  Kids can play alone or in multi-player mode which allows groups to play against each other – either by seeing who can answer the most questions correctly in the allotted time or in turn-based competition.  There is even a classroom mode that allows teachers to use the app in the classroom!

I really enjoyed Sparky’s Brain Busters.  I think that this app is a great mixture of common core topics and fire safety instruction.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents as well as teachers!

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