123 Ants Go Marching is based on the rhyme about the ants who go marching one by one, then two by two, and on and on to get out of the rain. It’s a catchy rhyme even though it’s based on my least favorite insect of all time. I am not an ant fan but I’ll admit that the ants in this app are pretty cute. And instead of invading my pantry they are busy playing musical instruments and marching along. The rhyme is set to music and the lyrics are catchy. The animations are cute and I got a kick out of the music. Bouncy is the adjective I keep coming back to when I want to describe it. While the song and animation play out all the way to the number ten you can tap different places on the screen for some interaction.

The first time that I tried out 123 Ants Go Marching it was a bit slow and would get hung up somewhat on the transitions between screens. After I had shut down and restarted my iPhone and the app ran more smoothly. There were still a couple times where things seemed just a wee bit choppy but it was an improvement. I’d definitely suggest a device restart after you install this one. All in all 123 Ants Go Marching is bright, catchy and a fun way to hear about counting.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: HarperCollins Publishers

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review


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