This app, 55 Free Baby Samples, features a list of companies that you can contact regarding free baby product samples and coupons. The developers have included the contact information that you’ll need and the app also lets you add in offers that you’ve heard of. Your job is to browse through the list and then tap on the contact button for the offer you’re interested in. The app will then call the number directly.  (The app does provide a few website addresses but they appeared to be for more general baby websites. The majority of the contacts were phone numbers.) The list had a quite a few offers for formula samples, diaper rash ointment, baby food and even coupons for Orajel. Blessed Orajel! Overall, it looks like there’s some good stuff out there.  Unfortunately, I tried out the app in the evening when companies were closed so I wasn’t able to actually request anything.

This is a free app and it’s nice to have the contact information for all of the companies that are currently offering samples.I’m not one to spend hours on the phone requesting coupons but if I see an offer for something that I use all the time I will pick up the phone. Personally, I won’t be using 55 Free Baby Samples every day but it is something I’ll check out every once in awhile.

55 Free Baby Samples will also link you to the website for more free offers.

Price when Reviewed: FREE

55 Free Baby Samples & Coupons

Seller: Total Ecommerce LLC

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