Do you ever get tired of eating the same old thing? That is what has happened to Pig in the interactive storybook app, A Garden for Pig written by Kathryn K. Thurman and illustrated by Lindsay Ward. Pig lives on an apple farm with Ms. Pippins, but he has gotten extremely tired of eating just apples. What Pig really wants are some nice vegetables, but Ms. Pippins insists that they only grow apples. Pig sneaks into their neighbor’s vegetable garden and ends up eating and making a big mess of all the vegetables. An angry Ms. Pippins ties Pig up in his sty. Pig waits for Ms. Pippins to leave and then he tries to escape: first he pulls, then he stomps, he tries to squeeze through the fence but it will not budge. With all of his movement Pig has now made the ground in his sty perfect for growing a garden. Out come the seeds that Pig ate earlier in the day and down comes the rain. The sun comes out and the seeds sprout and begin to grow into vegetables. Pig has made his very own vegetable garden and he delighted with the variety of things he now has to eat.

A Garden for Pig is a charming story that features beautiful multimedia illustrations on each page. Each page features interactive animations, that help bring Pig’s story to life. Children can listen to a narrator read the story to them or turn the narrator off and read the story on their own; sound effects  can also be turned on and off.  A Garden for Pig also has some really cool extras, such as gardening fact bubbles and  the apple (and squash) recipes featured throughout the story. When children read A Garden for Pig they learn about organic gardening, cooking, and the importance of perseverance as they follow Pig never giving up on his dream.

*A Garden for Pig is currently only available on the iPad.

Price When Reviewed: $3.99

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Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Seller: Kane Miller Books

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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