Ever since discovering Pinterest, I have loved the visual bookmark style of searching.  However, with 30 billion pins it can be easy to get lost in Pinterest.  I know I have started searches and looked up a couple hours later without really finding exactly what I was looking for.

Yesterday, Pinterest announced a new way to search their every growing boards and pins: Guided Search.


When you search for any term on your device, a descriptive guide will appear at the top allowing you to scroll though and refine your search to find the best match possible. Using user supplied captions and comments, Pinterest categorizes pins according to users descriptions.  When I searches for “childrens books” some of the recommended search categories were: classic, best, illustraions, vintage, new, and favorites.  Since pins are constantly added making searching seem unlimited and overwhelming, the guided search allows users to explore pins in a more targeted manner.  According to CEO Ben Silbermann, “In the future search will be a discovery tool,” said Silbermann. “Pinterest at its heart is about discovering things you didn’t even know were there.”

Planned role out is in English on mobile followed by the rest of the world soon.

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