TheiPhoneMom’s iPhone is currently sitting in a bag of rice.  That’s right, my iPhone took an unfortunate, accidental swim.


It all started when I took my four young children to a local child-orientated amusement park.  The park has many water rides.  Our first stop was the lazy river. I chose not to lock my iPhone 4S in my locker, but to carry it with me, in case someone needed me throughout the day.  Before we got on line for the lazy river, I buried my phone deep inside our diaper bag as a (admittedly not too advanced) security measure.  I figured no one would dig that far down into my bag to look for something to take!


The line was long, and the river took me out of site of our stroller and diaper bag.  And that whole time I was on the tube, with a little one on my lap while holding onto my other kids’ tubes, I was worrying about the fate of my iPhone.  Would it still be there when I returned?


I noticed all around me that people had waterproof cases around their necks and decided that rather than worry, I would buy one after the ride.  As soon as we finished, I went to the closest kiosk, which of course, was right next to the ride, and purchased a case that would fit my iPhone.  It had three ziplock type enclosures and then rolled down and velcroed to create a seal.  I happily slipped my iPhone inside and spent the rest of the day worry free.


Our last wet ride of the day was a raft down a long twisty slide.  When I went to get into the raft the waterproof case took a dip in the water.  I was vaguely worried but decided the iPhone would be ok.  When it was time to go home, I took my iPhone out of the case along with a $20 bill and that’s when I noticed just how wet that $20 was.  I nervously turned on my iPhone.


The moment of truth…I was elated to see that the iPhone worked!  However, it quickly became apparent that there was some water damage.  The home button refused to work and the sound insisted there were headphones attached when there clearly was not.  Over the next few hours the sound corrected but the home button remained glitchy.  The screen also showed some water signs.


I told my husband it was time to upgrade to an iPhone 5 when it gets announced/released in the next few weeks (or at least is rumored to be all across the media)!  But since we do not have an upgrade available in the near future, that is not really a possibility.  Our amusement park trip was looking like it would become a $1,000 trip! I was very annoyed with the amusement park for selling a faulty waterproof case and at myself for not leaving the iPhone in my locker!  On a positive note, the $20 dried out nicely.


And that’s how my iPhone ended up in a bag of rice.  I do not have high hopes of this method working.  It looks like I will need to send my phone into a company to fix it.  This looks like a good option:


There are many iPhone repair companies out there, here are a few I easily found online:


Have you had water damage to an iPhone?  How did you dry it out and get it back up and running?  Any experience with a repair company?  Let me know below!


Update! My phone has been graciously fixed by Mobile Genius:

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Rachael is a stay at home mother of four. She secretly wanted an iPhone for years but kept telling her husband she did not need one, her old Palm phone could keep her calendar, and her nano was just fine for music. She finally gave in to the craving and quickly joined the world of smart phones and amazing apps! Her children laugh when Siri doesn’t listen to her, but Rachael and Siri have reached an understanding where Siri is willing to read her texts while she is running, set reminders for her,and take uncomplicated dictation.

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  1. Susan

    Mine took a dive in coffee. With cream and sugar. For a few minutes before we realized it. Yeah. Not pretty considering my iPhone 4s was only 6 months old. *cries* I did the bag of rice trick – it took 3-4 days, but it did dry out. It’s worked “okay” since. The screen is dark due to the stains. I do have a problem with it occasionally overheating giving a SIM card error (ironically, I can’t get the SIM slot open – hmmm because of the sugar?!?), but usually it self corrects quickly. I’m not due for an upgrade for 15 months or so, but I may go into the store and ask what they can do for me with the release of iPhone 5. They might allow me to upgrade with a new contract. They may not. It’s worth a shot. I don’t think the phone will last 15 months, though (the dive in coffee was 2 months ago), so I’ll either have to suck it up and get a new one or send it off for repair. I’ll be interested to see what other readers have to say about repairing. Oh, and of course, I didn’t get the insurance. *sigh*

    Good luck!

    • TheiPhoneMom

      Hi Susan, I can’t even see straight before coffee in the morning so that sounds like something I could have done! I think the rice is helping. The screen looks slightly better. I have read it takes several days of keeping the phone in the rice to make a difference. But given my reliance on my phone, I may try to get it fixed and let everyone know about my experience!

  2. iphone 4 cases

    There are many iphone 4 cases available in the market which are having water proof and saves the phone when it falls into the water. And if it does not help then the sack of rice helps to soak the water from the iphone.

  3. Susan

    Hi TheiPhoneMom,
    Well, amazing what a few days will bring – Suddenly, the SIM card error is happening All. The. Time. I finally got the SIM card holder open today – card looked okay – I’ve cleaned it and the phone is still throwing an error. I read on some of the forums that this isn’t uncommon with iPhone 4s – that updating the OS will fix it in 99% of cases (it didn’t in mine). The other suggestion was replacing the SIM card – so I will probably head to the phone store and request a replacement. Of course, that means fessing up to the great Coffee Debacle. 🙂

    I am currently backing up my phone as we “speak” and I plan to hard boot, and I might just completely restore it and see what that does. I’m not a fan of “restoring” but hey, it might be worth a try.

    Did you send your phone away?

  4. Ремонт iphone экран

    Mine took a swim in the sink while washing dishes. I quickly dried the exterior of my wet iPhone then put it in a plastic bag with rice. After two day, i opened the bag and it’s been working fine since..there are some small issues, not worth me spending 300.00 for a new phone.

  5. service ac mobil

    Mine took a swim in the sink while washing dishes. I quickly dried the exterior of my wet iPhone then put it in a plastic bag with rice. After two day, i opened the bag and it’s been working fine since..there are some small issues, not worth me spending 300.00 for a new phone.


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