Abby Pal Tracer focuses on proper handwriting techniques for children and is based on the Zaner-Bloser style. The app shows the correct stroke order for each letter and children can make the letters by connecting the dots. Abby Pal itself is an interactive feature, a talking pencil, that will guide children through the app. Abby Pal also gives feedback and encouragement to children.

Abby Pal Tracer has a series of options that make the app customizable for a variety of ages. They include:

  • Trace Validation Strictness Level-choose between easy and hard. Hard is for older children with more advanced handwriting and they will have to be very exact to be able to do the tracing and get the letters correct. We found the hard setting to be difficult.
  • Connect the Dots Tracing Assistance – This will show the direction children should be tracing. It can be turned off if you want children to remember the stroke direction and order on their own.
  • Remove Incorrect Tracing Lines – This option removes trace lines that are incorrect.
  • Show Dash Line Direction Arrows – Turning this on shows the order and direction of the tracing.
  • Line Thickness – The thickness of the line used to trace the letters can be adjusted.
  • Line Color – There are four pencil colors to choose from for tracing.
  • Uppercase and Lowercase letters – It’s easy to switch back and forth between upper and lowercase letters.
  • Show Me – This feature will demonstrate how to trace the letter using a thick, animated black line. This makes it easy to see exactly how to correctly form the letter.

Abby Pal Tracer – ABC Print HD was created by early writing teachers and it shows in the app’s exactness. The app is straightforward and the letters and their strokes are bold and easy to follow.

*This is an iPad only app.*

Price: $1.99

See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Seller: Brain Counts

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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