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It is a well-known fact that children learn exceptionally well through music. If you go into just about any Kindergarten or First Grade classroom, the students could sing you a cacophony of songs to help them remember everything from their ABC’s to the months of the year. This is why I love apps like ABC Alphabet Songs for Kids. This app takes every letter of the alphabet and sets it to a catchy tune to help children learn the names of the letters and the sounds it makes.

ABC Alphabet Songs for Kids is very easy to use and your children will love it! Simply tap on the letter you want to hear and the app takes care of the rest. A cute tune with fun lyrics begins playing with lyrics about the letter name, the sounds it makes, and things that the letter starts with. The illustrations that go along with each song are bright and attractively illustrated. They are also interactive, so if your child taps the characters on the screen they will move around and make sounds. The app will automatically play the letters in order from the point you start or you can tap individual letters at the top of the screen to hear them in any order you wish.

This app was fantastic and I really enjoyed playing it with my son. Each of the songs is original and well-written. The tunes are catchy and appealing to children. The illustrations are cute and sometimes silly, which made both my son and I giggle a few places. We particularly liked the carrot with the big muscles for the letter C! It is very user-friendly so even toddler-aged kids could use it independently. ABC Alphabet Songs is a great way to help you children learn their ABC’s through music and they will surely enjoy playing it alone or with a parent or friend.

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