Allowance is an app that was developed by a mom who found herself in need of a better way to track her children’s allowance. This is a practical app that’s been created by a parent for other parents. My kind of app! Allowance lets you track the amount of money you owe your child. You create a profile for each of your children and track “give money” for the money you owe them and “spend” for the money they spend.

In my house it might work this way: We rarely have cash or go to the bank to get cash, so it seems like allowance day often catches us unaware. So instead of keeping track of what I owe my kids in my faulty brain I can enter amounts in the Allowance app. When we go to the store it seems that someone is always asking for gum or a sugary treat when we reach the check out. If I respond “Use your allowance” they shoot back “But you haven’t paid us yet”. True… In the past I’d pay for the treat and then try to remember to deduct the amount from what I owed them. But again, due to guilt and the faulty memory the number always rounded up. With the Allowance app I can have my kids enter in the amount that their treat cost and the app will deduct it from the amount that I owe them. It keeps an accurate total so when it’s time for me to pay up nobody is confused.

I found Allowance to be straightforward. It allows you to track up to five children, including a photograph with their profile. I do have a couple minor suggestions when it comes time to enter in the deposit and withdrawal amounts. When you go to make an entry you’ll see that a sample entry has been included for you. Once you’ve tapped on the field you’ve got to delete this entry before you can enter your own. It would be nice if the field automatically cleared. It would also be helpful if there was a way to save recurring entries so you didn’t have to type the same things over and over again.

I almost forgot to mention the feature that’s sure to help me out the most – the reminders! Obviously I’m in need of reminders in more than one area of my life! Allowance lets you set up daily or weekly reminders so you’ll be able to stay on top of paying your kiddos. Maybe I can no say goodbye to the conversations in my home that go something like this, “mom you owe us like $100 because you haven’t paid us in four years”. Which in the past may have very well been true!

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes

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