Do you have a little one who is learning the alphabet?  Or how about a little one that loves animals?  If so, you should definitely check out Alphabet Animals!  I love this app, and thought that the design was very fun!

With Alphabet Animals, you and your child can experience a slide-and-peek adventure while learning the alphabet together.  This app features animals from A through Z, or Alligator to Zebra!  There is a main menu that features a “slider” across the bottom where your child can select the letter they want to see.  Each letter card features an animal, the animal will take the shape of the letter of the alphabet…for example, an alligator in the shape of an “A”.  So, each letter will represent a different letter and children will tap on the animal to hear its name, and/or tap on the letter to hear the letter sound. Also, on each page there is a pull tab, when you pull the tab the animal will perform a fun animation.  I like how children can learn the alphabet, animal names, and the shapes of letters through this app.

I also liked the “Game” section of this app.  First, children will spell their name using the letters. Then, kids will match up the alphabet animals by looking at the shapes (“A” shaped like an alligator, etc.) to the letters of their name.  I thought that this game was a great way to tie everything together.

I enjoyed the Alphabet Animals app.  I think that this app is a great way to teach children both the alphabet and familiar animals.  I would encourage parents to check this app out if they have little ones who are learning the alphabet!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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