Do you have a child who knows their letters and is ready to start learning how to spell and read simple words? Alphabet Car HD takes a unique approach to this process and is a refreshing change from flashcards. In this game your child will drive a bus to pick up the letters needed to spell words. The screen shows them the view of the front dash and out the window of their bus. They will steer by holding the iPad in their hands and tilting it to the left or right. A stick on the dashboard lets them control the speed of the bus. As they move to the left or right the view out their window will change, giving them the feeling that they really are driving.

You can choose from several levels of driving difficulty for your child. The levels determine how many letters will be in the words they need to spell. As they drive the bus they will collect letters and spell out words. When a word has been completed a simple flashcard appears, displaying the word and a picture. Then they will head right back to driving and a looking for a brand new word.

You begin the game with a yellow school bus but it seems that other colored buses can eventually be unlocked. The App Store description mentions “car customization” but I’m not sure if this goes beyond the different colors. I’d be curious to see how extensive the extra details are. If anyone has made it to that point in the app let me know.

I can see how the blend of a driving game and reading skills would engage children. This app will definitely be a change from looking at flashcards over and over again. The graphics are well done and the app ran smoothly

If you want a taste of what Alphabet Car HD is all about try out Alphabet Car HD Lite for free.  Alphabet Car (not HD) is available for the iPhone and there is a lite version of this as well.

Price when Reviewed: $3.99 for iPad app & $2.99 for iPhone.

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Seller: Dream Cortex

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. sara dorsman

    i have bought this app about three times but wont let me download and when i have asked for a refund the money has not gone back into my acoount

  2. Georgia Poniris

    I can’t download this app from my I tunes or apps please help due to the speech therapist highly recommended alphabet car hd

  3. Georgia Poniris

    Im not in USA I’m in Australia so do you think I can get the app alphabet car hd

    • TheiPhoneMom
      Heather Leister

      I don’t know…I don’t have access to that iTunes store. You’ll have to search for it by name and then see if it comes up. Sorry I can’t be more help.


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