AlphaBubbles – AlphaBubbles was created by an American mom who has been living in Moscow since 2005. After watching her children struggle with a new language she and her husband decided to create an app that would help children learn foreign languages. AlphaBubbles has a simple premise – tap bubbles with different letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. and hear the word for it in another language. Practice this way until you’re ready to take on the “Test Your Knowledge” section. There you’ll wait to hear a word and then you must tap the bubble that contains the match. In the app’s settings you can customize the speed of your bubbles. You can also change the background color or upload your own background photo.

There are several different AlphaBubbles apps available, each focusing on a different language. Or you can grab the version that I tried, AlphaBubbles Multilingual. This version features ten different languages. They are Mandarin, French, Russian, English, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, German, Spanish, and Japanese. Once you’ve chosen your language you’ll be able to select your bubble contents. Categories here include letters/characters, numbers, shapes, colors and random. It’s all good basic foreign language knowledge for children.

AlphaBubbles really impressed me with it’s content and it’s ease of use. The idea is so simple and I think that’s what’s really appealing, for both children and adults. Plus who doesn’t love the popping sound you hear when you tap a bubble on the iPhone screen? There are entire apps devoted to just that and here you’ve got one with a ton of educational meat to it. This is a definite winner for me.

Each of the above mentioned languages is available in it’s own AlphaBubbles app. They are each $.99. My recommendation is to go for the Multilingual version. It’s only a dollar more and you get all ten languages in one shot.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Kids Learning Language Media

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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