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Blast off with Amos the Astronaut! Amos is a daring adventurer who is charging through unchartered space looking for adventure when he runs into a bit of trouble! His rocket ship malfunctions and Amos plummets to land on an unknown island. With no tools and no one to help, will Amos be able to find a way to fix his ship?

Amos is in big trouble and he needs your help! As he was out flying around in outer space, one of the fins on his rocket broke and now he is stuck on an island with no one to turn to! As he begins exploring, you can help him find a tool box and materials to fix the broken part. But look out for the island natives! They are suspicious of Amos and don’t like him taking their resources! They throw him into a deep pit to hold him prisoner, but Amos finds a way to piece together the pit monsters and climb to freedom. Amos must find a way to make peace with the villagers by offering to help them solve their problems. He helps them by gathering eggs with certain patterns and colors and solving other puzzles. Through cooperation and good manners, Amos gains new friends and the ability to fix his ship!

Amos the Astronaut is a super cute app with a fun storyline and fun activities that your toddler and preschooler will love. The characters are cute, the graphics are colorful and really appeal to a young child’s eye. This app is definitely for younger children as the activities are very basic and simple which is perfect for young children who are trying to develop fine motor skills and follow simple directions. I also love how the app incorporates the values of team work and good manners into the story line, both of which are important character traits for young children to develop. Parents, pick up Amos the Astronaut for your preschooler today and let’s work together to rebuild the ship and build smart and compassionate kids!

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