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Creating an effective and relaxing bedtime routine can be challenging for parents. It is often a time of power struggles, tantrums and tears. And So To Bed is an app that aims to help parents create a peaceful and enjoyable bedtime routine for their child. With beautiful animation and calming music, your child can help cat get ready for bed and will subsequently learn how to get themselves ready for bed!

This app is straightforward and very easy to use. As play begins, you enter Cats home at twilight. It is time for him to begin his bedtime routine. First, your child must help cat pour a cup of milk for one last drink. Next, we follow him into the bathroom where we brush his teeth, wash and brush his fur, and get him in his pajamas. Now it’s potty time! Help Cat reach the toilet paper, flush the potty and wash his hands. Finally it’s into bed for a bedtime story! Your child can listen to the story “Hey Diddle Diddle” with Cat before he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep!

There are several things I really like about this app. First and foremost, I feel it is a wonderful way to introduce toddlers to the concept of a bedtime routine. It is a fun way to teach them the steps to getting ready for bed while making it feel like play. The transition into doing it in their own lives will go much more smoothly if they have some frame of reference to rely on. You could encourage them by telling them that it is time for them to get ready like Cat does on the iPad. Have them walk through the steps in real life as they walk through the steps with Cat. Second, the illustrations are amazing. They are a combination of animation and real life paper creations and the result is beautiful. I also loved the calming music that plays in the background and I really felt like it was an important tool in helping kids unwind and relax as they prepare for bed. Finally, the ease of use and simplicity of the app makes it perfect for young children as they can use it independently and it is the perfect length for their short attention span.

If you are a parent of a toddler or young preschooler, then I would highly recommend this app. It could be a valuable tool as you try to begin a bedtime routine. Children will love the beautiful pictures and music and helping their cute cat friend get tucked into bed. Check out And So To Bed today!

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