Animal Phone lets your child call and interact with members of the Animal Kingdom. Graham Gorilla is included in the app’s download and you can snag Kelly Kangaroo and Ziggy Zebra from the in-app Animal Store. With Animal Phone your child can give the animals a call one of two ways. First, they can tap on the animal’s picture, sort of like a contact card. Or they can use a keypad to dial numbers . This will randomly call one of the animals, it will be a surprise to see who answers. When Graham, Kelly or Ziggy answer the phone it becomes like a FaceTime call. Your child will see them on the screen and the animal will begin to talk. If your child responds into the microphone then the animal will repeat the words back. Each animal character has more than 50 greetings, phrases and expressions that they’ll perform and they can also be tapped and petted for more silly effects. If the app is open on your phone but nothing is being tapped or used then the animals might begin calling your child. Just a moment ago my phone began to ring and I looked down to see a zebra face on my iPhone with the words “Ziggy Zebra Calling”. It looks just like a real incoming phone call and it took me a minute to realize what was happening.

Animal Phone also has a message center. The app comes with a recorded message from Ziggy Zebra and you can record your own voice mail messages to play back later. All you’ll need to do is add in a photo and make a recording. Animal Phone stores it for later and your child can watch it again at any time. The app’s Animal Store is where you’ll find Kelly Kangaroo and Ziggy Zebra. To access the store you must follow unique directions on the screen. This will prevent young children from getting in and racking up endless charges. You will also find extras that can be used with the animals. For example, you can buy presents and bananas for Graham and you can unlock a special trick that he’ll perform for you on demand.

I’ve been told that there are plans to add additional animals to Animal Phone, it will be fun to see who comes calling next. The app’s graphics and user interface have been well done and children will have the feeling that they’re making and receiving calls on an iPhone. Except for that part about talking animals. of course.

Price when Reviewed: FREE with in-app purchases

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Seller: Long Weekend

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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