I am creativity impaired. For years I have tried to self-treat my impairment. I spent hundreds of dollars on scrapbooking supplies for the numerous pictures that are now sitting in boxes in my basement, collecting dust. I have followed and read numerous scrapbooking blogs in an attempt to create masterpieces for my posterity. I have even been to scrapbooking groups with my friends hoping that some of their creative “juju” would migrate over to me. Alas, my efforts have been in vain and I am still as un-creative as ever, and a few hundred dollars in the hole on unused supplies. I am certain that the developers at Animoto Inc. had me specifically in mind when they created their video app. Now, with a few taps on my mobile device I can create beautiful, high-quality videos in literally minutes.

I sat down with my iPad and the Animoto app with the intention of making the dreaded family Christmas card. Since I haven’t sent out Christmas cards since I was a newlywed and had all the time in the world, I thought it would be a fun surprise for my family and friends to get a Christmas video from our family. Fifteen minutes later my video was done and emailed to family and friends around the country. Easy Peasy and with very little effort on my part! There are 5 simple steps to creating a video with Animoto:
1) Choose a style: There are several options to choose from and you can preview them to make sure it will give your video the look and feel you want.
2) Select your music: There are hundreds of songs included with the app or you can download your own music.
3) Add videos and pictures: You can upload pictures from your device or pull them from Facebook, Picassa, Flikr, Photobucket, or Instagram. The app will draw a box around the pictures that will fit within the running time of the song you chose so you know if you have too few or too many pictures.
4) Add text: Add titles or descriptions to your video, if desired.
5) Preview and Publish: Once your video is published you can email it, Tweet it, or share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or Posterous.

Animoto Videos is a free download with a few in-app purchase upgrades. The free download comes with the “Lite” plan. This gives you the ability to create unlimited 30-second videos, several themed-video styles for all occasions, over 600 music tracks to use in your videos and access to their online customer support. The next step up is the “Plus” plan which costs $2.50 per month. The “Plus” plan gives you unlimited full-length videos, the ability to download your videos to your computer or DVD and all of the other features of the “Lite” plan. The last option is the “Pro” plan and that one costs $20.75 per month. The “Pro” plan comes with all of the same features as the “Plus” plan with more options for music and themed video-styles, the ability to upgrade your video to HD for free and priority online customer support.

This app is the perfect way for me to create video scrapbooks quickly and easily. The whole process was so fun and simple that I am actually looking forward to making more videos. It is so user-friendly that even my school-aged kids can create videos. My 5th grader will be using it to do a book report next week. Animoto also suggests that you can use it for business marketing, business presentations, professional photography, real-estate and education. Animoto Videos is a wonderful app for creativity-challenged and time-crunched people like me. In my opinion, it is very affordably priced for the service they provide. Whether you are looking for a quick way to create a video Christmas card, a simple way to scrapbook, or have the need to create high-quality videos for personal or business purposes then this is the app for you!

The great news is, the folks over at Animoto have offered to give away FIVE subscriptions for FREE! Contest winners receive a promotion code redeemable for a free one-year subscription of an Animoto Plus account. Animoto Plus allows you to create unlimited full-length videos, with access to dynamic themed video styles for all occasions, more than 600 music tracks across dozens of genres, online customer support and the option to download completed movies to your computer or DVD.

It’s never been easier to create (and share!) a masterpiece from the pictures of your friend’s wedding, a baby-shower, birthdays, anniversaries, or a Facebook album—all in just minutes.

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Price:  Initial download is free with optional in-app upgrades to purchase.

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

SellerAnimoto, Inc.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.
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  1. TaraO

    This service would be so perfect for us, as we just had a son! I can imagine putting together a great video for his first birthday party 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Would love to win this as I am hopeless at documenting and this would surely motivate me.

  3. Leoven Morete

    I used to use it on my coputer online but the limited time makes me stop using it… but with this giveaway maybe the in-app purchase will make it longer…tnx


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