This new iTunes 9 feature had me excited. Why? First of all because I’ve never liked the way you sync apps in iTunes. I have this big list of apps and have to scroll through them all when I want to reinstall an app. Takes me too long. Second of all (and this is the big reason) because my kids are constantly rearranging the apps on my phone. I like to have my apps separate from the ones my kids use. To get them where I want them to be I was constantly moving those wiggly apps around and do you know what? They don’t go where you want them to go the first time. Not for my fingers anyway. So after the kids went to bed I downloaded iTunes 9 and checked out the applications screen for my iPhone….and was disappointed. Where were the home screen and the app management I’d been told about? They had to be there right?? Took me more time then I’ll admit to realize that you have to also install the iPhone OS 3.1 to see it. Ohhh. This created a new issue as I ran into some trouble installing OS 3.1. But when it was all said and done I had the beautiful app management up and running in my iTunes. Right off the bat I’m loving it.

So how does app management in iTunes 9 work? Here’s the tired mom’s version of what to do.

1. First you’ve got to download iTunes 9 and the OS 3.1. Be prepared.

2. Click on your iPhone on the left hand side of the iTunes screen.

3. Click on the applications tab. You should see a list of all your applications and your iPhone’s home screen. Next to that you’ll see all of your iPhone’s screens, numbered from one to whatever you’ve got.

4. Ready for this – click on an app and drag it where you want it to go. It can be on the same screen or you can drag it over to one of the numbered screens on the side.

5. You can re-order the screens on your iPhone by clicking on one of the numbered screens. It will be highlighted and then you can drag it up or down, changing the page order as you go.

Some tricks:

– If you place your mouse over an app icon then the small “x” in the top left will appear. Click on that to remove the app from your iPhone.

-Now here’s what’s going to be my favorite part of app management. You can move more than one app at a time. Just click on an app and then control click on another and another and so on. Now drag the group to a new screen. They’ll all go at the same time. Slick.

It only took me five minutes to get my iPhone reorganized and ready for my kids to mess it up again. Anyone else discover any tricks to the new app management feature in iTunes 9?

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