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May 2014 Newsletter

As a new month begins, I’m reminded of an old favorite little joke: “April showers bring May flowers and what do May flowers bring? (pause for emphasis) …PILGRIMS! I’m sure you can’t contain your laughter, but I promise it really is a big hit among my second grade audience at home. We’ve certainly had our fill of April showers here in our neck of the woods, and we hope that wherever you are, May will bring you lots of great weather and springtime fun as the school year fades into Summer. We’ve come across some great apps in the past few weeks, so be sure to check them all out below and download your favorites.

In addition to our usual app reviews, we’ve also recently covered the latest updates to some popular social media sites that we frequent. Twitter just underwent some profile changes and we broke them all down for you in a quick post, so you’ll be an expert in minutes! Another one of our favorite sites, Pinterest, also just underwent some renovations. The popular site introduced a “Guided Search” feature last week, and you can check out our post for all of the details as well as a tutorial video. Lastly, Facebook came out with new privacy options last week which include Anonymous Login, Updated Facebook Login, and a redesigned App Control Panel. We’ve taken a look at all of the new updates and explain them in our post so you won’t be in the dark.

Below are some of our favorite apps we’ve reviewed from the past few weeks.


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Our May newsletter is sponsored by the developers of ActivMoms. ActivMoms is an Activ Doctors Online campaign to educate mothers about the technology available to take control of their family’s health. As a telemedicine innovator, Activ Doctors Online is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health destiny. Our mission is to encourage patients to lead healthier, safer and more productive lives by providing access to innovative health information management tools. ADO offers personal health records, second medical opinions and e-consultations all in one unique integrated web-based platform.

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Angus the Irritable Bull

This is a simply “adorabull” tale of a very unlikely friendship that appealed to children of all ages in our home. Excellent storytelling, skillful animation, professional narration all with a powerful message of friendship. What more could you ask for from a book?

Kiddie Positive Parenting

Navigating the toddler years can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but sometimes when we’re putting kids to bed or potty training those adorable little monkeys can put up a beastly front. Kiddie offers parents a quick and useful way to teach toddlers, while encouraging positive development.


Get your kids excited about eating their fruits by letting them play with their food on a virtual plate and let them create some fun fruit pictures that come to life! Fun and innovative way to make food fun for kids, with easy to follow recipes for parents.

Rio Read & Play

This app features a deluxe narrated storybook that includes all the characters from the movie, as well as a story about the friendship and adventure from the movie.  In addition to the storybook, children can play games and create art.

April Showers Bring May Contests!

This week we feature one of our regular weekly promocode contests with chances to win some great apps, and be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks as we’ll have some exciting giveaways in addition to our regular promocode contests!

Sudoku Junior

Sudoku has never been more fun or easy! Sudoku Junior is a great way for children of all ages to learn how to do Sudoku and exercise their brain muscles! Fun for the whole family with various difficulty levels, grid sizes for all ages, and the option to use pictures instead of numbers makes it easy and fun!

KidMastermind University for Parents

The goal of the KidMastermind University for Parents is to provide scheduled play activities for parents and their children. With KidMastermind University for Parents, parents and children can explore a play curriculum that includes math, literacy, language, social studies, science and writing!

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