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AroundMe is a great way to learn about the restaurants and services that are nearby.  With AroundMe, users can find places that are nearby their current location.  I thought this would be a helpful app when traveling to a new area.

The AroundMe app uses your current location to show what is within a close range.  Users will select a category from the available options, including:  ATM, cafe/restaurant, gas station, hospital and many others.  A list will then populate your screen with the businesses that are nearest you – the business name, address and distance from current location will appear.

I like how when you select a place, you have the option to navigate directly to the desired location through the use of Google Maps.  I thought this would be very useful when you are traveling or in an area of town you do not know as well.  Some new features that I also liked – 1) sorting places by user ratings and 2) calling to a place from within the app.  Be sure to try this app out next time you are out and about and need to see what’s around!

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