Astro Kids ABC Color is an adorable iPad coloring app. It has some of the cutest coloring pages that I think I’ve seen in an app so far. Astro Kids follows Ray, Dawn and their dog Cosmo as they travel through space and land on the planet Earth. There’s an animated introduction video that plays the first time you use the app, you can also watch it again later. Once the Astro Kids find themselves on Earth how do they explore? Through coloring, which means they’re going to need your help!

There are two coloring books full of illustrations: First Adventure and Happy Holidays. Once you’ve chosen a coloring page you’ll find that you have four different ways to color it in. Color by numbers, color by lowercase letter, color by uppercase letter or free color. In the “color by” options the coloring pages have stars with numbers or letters on them, scattered around the page. At the bottom of the screen are colored stars with matching numbers and letters. Tap on a star that is on the coloring page and then tap the matching star at the bottom of the screen. You could also do this the other way around. If you’ve made a match that section of the coloring page fills in and you hear some words of encouragement. If you don’t match them correctly the area will still color in but there aren’t any words of encouragement. This all works the same whether you are working with the numbers or different letters. In the free color section you won’t see any stars on the screen. Instead you can tap on any color you like to create your own masterpiece. I do think that the stars on the bottom could be a little bit bigger, they seemed a touch small to me.

There are several different ways to customize and change things up in Astro Kids ABC Color. When you tap on the stars you’ll hear the name of the letter or number spoke out loud. In the options section you can set whether you want to hear this in English or Spanish. You can also decide if you even want the names said at all. The app has some fun, catchy music that plays in the background. I thought it was great and it added to the app’s charm. But if I changed my mind after listening to it over and over I have the option to turn it off. A few extra things to mention. You can easily toggle back and forth between using ten and twenty-six different colors. I think this helps make the app appealing for older and younger users. Also, when you successfully complete a picture you’ll be rewarded with an Astro Badge.

I’m impressed with how polished Astro Kids is right off the bat. It’s very well put together and pays attention to important little details. I love how a coloring app has been fleshed out with characters and a backstory, I think this adds to the apps charm. Last but most definitely so very not least – the Astro Kids coloring pages are fabulous. They’re original, humorous, age appropriate and appealing to children and adults. This is an all around winner of an iPad app and a steal at $1.99.

**This is an iPad only app.**

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Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Model Rocket Solutions

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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