August 2013 Newsletter

With Labor Day upon us, many families are packing up and venturing out to Grandma’s house, State Parks, theme parks and international destinations. With the kids still out of school, the last weeks of summer are the perfect time for a getaway either local or far away. Luckily, gone are the days of miserable children in the backseat asking “are we there yet?” for the twenty-fifth time. Thanks to all of the fabulous gadgets that we adults love, parents can keep their little ones happy and entertained from anywhere.

Rachael put together an extensive travel newsletter for Thanksgiving last year, that you can read here, highlighting some of the best travel apps, as well as tips from her many years of traveling with little ones (trust me, she makes it look easy!) Equipped with a few great apps and some products that will make your life much easier, your summer trip is sure to create (happy) memories that will last a lifetime.

Highlighted Apps

Below you’ll find some of our favorite apps from the past month. Enjoy!


Avokiddo- Emotions

Prepare yourself for a severe case of the giggles because Avokiddo Emotions – Playful Learning for Kids will bring hours of silly, side-splitting fun to your family.  This app is a fantastically fun way to teach your kids about different emotions while engaging in play.  Your kid will instantly fall in love with the crazy animal friends that come to play in this app.




F is for Farmer’s Market

With F is for Farmers Market, kids can take a journey through a whimsical farmers market! One of the best alphabet apps we’ve seen lately.




Music Learning Lab

With Music Learning Lab, kids can learn the fundamental principles of music through lessons, games and creative composing





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