My pregnancy ship sailed over four months ago when Baby J was born but the experience is fresh enough that I can still appreciate a nice pregnancy app. And Baby Bump is a nice one, a very nice one in fact. Apparently the folks at Apple think so too because it’s made their “What’s Hot” list at the app store. This app is extremely clean looking and extremely easy to use. Believe me, that last bit is sooo important when you’re enduring nine months of pregnancy brain.

The first time you use Baby Bump you set your due date along with any personal measurements that you’d like to record.  Now your profile screen will show the week you are on, the trimester you are in and the all important number of days left until your due date.  There are six buttons on this main profile screen. The “Baby” button will show you information about your baby’s current development. “Your Body” tells you what to expect with your own personal changes. “Journal” gives you a place to record your growing measurements. (I’d be skipping this record.) You can also keep track of your mood, energy, appetite (constant in my case, hence the not recording weight gains), cravings and morning sickness. The “Photos” button allows you to add in photos of your gorgeous, pregnant self. The last two buttons were ones that I really liked. “Kick Counter” will help you keep track of your baby’s kicks. If you need to track them then you just tap “Record Kick” every time you feel your baby move. Baby Bump will record each kick and you’ll have a record. From here you can email out your kicks or send them out on Twitter or Facebook.  “Contractions” works in a similar fashion. If you feel a contraction tap on the “Start” button. The app marks the start time and begins counting the duration. When the contraction is over tap “Stop”. As soon as another one starts tap that start button again. Now you’ll see the interval between your last contraction and this one. You can email out these contraction details or put them out on Twitter and Facebook as well.

I found Baby Bump to be an excellent app. It worked smoothly and I didn’t have a bit of trouble just hopping on and figuring out how to use it. I wish that I’d had this app on my iPhone when I was expecting.

Price when Reviewed: $3.99

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Seller: Alt12 Apps, LLC

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  1. I-Kid-You-Not

    […] first found it out on The iPhone Mom blog, a really wonderful resource for all parents on what’s good on the […]

  2. First Timer

    I found out I was pregnant 3 days ago so I started looking for a pregnancy app. I ran into BabyBump and I was skeptcal at first but as soon as it down loaded and I started playing around on it I fell in love with it. You can vent, get great advise, and ask questions and get inut from mothers all around the world. I’ve already received so much advise on what I can expect. Baby Bump is a great tool and I look forward to using it for the rest of my pregnancy and even after I’ve given birth :o)

  3. spittybabykisses

    Baby bump is a great app. Also just found a new one called Appybaby. Great app, and is on sale for only $1.99- has a lot of the same features but also has a nutrition tracker, water tracker, getational age displayed on your calendar, twitter and facebook birth announcements and some really great backgrounds. Can never download enough apps!

  4. Anna

    It was a good app until about a month ago. Now there are a ton of post about being 13 and pregnant and a ton of bullying. It was a waste of money! Now I’m fighting for a refund.

  5. mommysoup

    I’m not a huge fan of BabyBump. It’s an OK app for the price but Baby Center’s Pregnancy App does just as much for free and their on-line community is much more established and used. I also like the “Sprout” App. It’s a bit more on the spendy side but I found the information there organized much better and easier to set up. I use these two apps a LOT more than BabyBump & I’m on baby #2.

  6. wildwend letters

    […] Googled “best pregnancy iPhone apps.” As a result, I downloaded iPregnancy and BabyBump. Both calculated my due date as July 19th, which agreed completely with what we ultimately heard at […]

    • Letitia

      I think somewhere out in my garage is a pizelle iron. Over time so many things move to the back and are fototgren. You've inspired me to go out and take a look. This may not be pretty.

  7. » Links: Totally Functional Baby Stuff TrashCat

    […] BabyBump iPhone app – I already have this app on my phone in preparation for hubby and I trying for babies in a few months. I currently use their other app, PinkPad for tracking periods and fertile days. There is a freebie to try out first. The full version is $3.99. This app comes highly recommended from a number of moms. You can see one review here. […]

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