Do your little ones love to use their imagination when they play? If your house is anything like mine, there’s a big box containing lots of princess dresses, plastic high heels, fireman hats, and superhero capes that gets brought out from time to time and the kids put on everything they can find to create the silliest outfit combinations. The dress up clothes box is a staple in the house, and for years has provided an endless amount of entertainment. Some of the dress up clothes are getting a little small now, but I still love watching them try to walk around in those little high heels and ride around on the play cars with their fire hats on pretending to put out fires all over the house. Being such a fan of imaginative play, I was very happy to check out Baby Owl’s Dress Up app, from Hare Squared, LLC.

The star of the app is a cute little baby owl, who you get to dress up in all different scenes. The free version of the app comes with 4 scenes (birthday party, rock concert, desert and farm) and you can purchase an additional 8 for $1.99. Users can dress the owl up with hats, glasses, costumes and accessories to match the scene that he’s in or just make some pretty silly combinations. I think that this app would be best suited for toddlers and pre-schoolers who will enjoy choosing outfits for baby owl and doing it all over again and again.

I was a little disappointed that the app didn’t have any background music or voice narration, which I think would make it more appealing to little ones (and me) and the quality of the graphics left a little to be desired as well. I did really like the animated features in each of the scenes which allowed users to play around after they dressed baby owl. Overall, a cute concept and great for very young children who are creative, imaginative and love to play dress up!

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