What little girl wouldn’t want an entire wardrobe full of dance clothes and accessories to mix and match as she pleases? What mom wouldn’t like their child to have all that fun plus contain it in a tidy little storage space? The ticket for happy dress-up play and compact storage is sure to be found in Laura Tallardy’s new app, Ballet Fashion Show.

Although game play is a simple paper doll concept my daughter and I were impressed with the volume of combinations we could come up with. There are several prestyled dancers to select with the roll of the dice or you can start from scratch. You can even create a dancer that looks like you by choosing hair color and style, eye color, skin tone and face shape.  There are 14 “drawers” of clothing and accessories to choose from. In just the hair we found 20 different cuts, including long and flowing, short and curly, braids and ponytails. Did you find a style you liked but not in the right color? Switch it up with the gemstones at the top of the slider. If ballet and tutus aren’t your thing don’t worry, there’s some hip-hop attire as well. Once your dancer is ready for the stage you can also determine the backdrop and pair them with a cute animal partner, our favorite was the squirrel. Don’t forget to give top billing to the dancer by adding her name and taking her picture. My one drawback is it stores photos on the camera roll.

I think you’ll find that Ballet Fashion Show is stocked for lots of dress-up fun, but if you are looking for even more paper doll activities be sure to check out the other apps in Laura’s dress-up line. While you can access these for purchase in the app, I really appreciated that they’re not a pop-up ad. You must access them through a separate parent’s page, ensuring that budding designers won’t have their creative moments disturbed.

This app is also available for Android on Google Play

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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