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Looking for a math skills app for your little one? Maybe Numbie can help! With Basic Math Skills for School With Numbie, children can develop their math skills as they solve challenges and play fun math games. I thought that this app had a lot to offer, and the free trial levels give you a perfect sampling of what is available.

Numbie’s World of Math is geared towards children ages 4 through 7 years old. Kids will travel through outer space, underwater worlds, and even ice cream kingdoms as they work their way through various math worlds. The app offers 10 chapters in all, including 120 levels and over 1,200 math challenges total – all the levels are fully aligned with the Common Core Curriculum for kindergarten and first grade.

Some of the math topics included are as follows: numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, tens and ones, geometry, patterns and sequences, and many more. This app offers a broad range of topics, making it accessible for those children who are just learning about math, as well as those kids who are ready for more challenging concepts. I love how parents can use the Parent Dashboard to view easy-to-read detailed reports which will help them monitor their child’s progress and performance, while also showing what areas their child may need extra help.

When you have finished checking out the free levels with your child, if you are interested in trying more levels there are a few options.  There are three ways to purchase more levels: a lifetime subscription, a monthly subscription, or just buying level packs one at a time.  I like that parents can choose from multiple options and see what they think before fully committing to a subscription.

If you are looking for a new math skills app for your child, I would definitely recommend Basic Math Skills for School With Numbie.  My four year old son really enjoyed the math games.  We will be checking out more levels together for sure!

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Nikki is a retired bookkeeper, starting her second career as a stay at home mom. She lives with her husband, son and yellow lab in North Carolina. She loves technology and gadgets – and her iPad is one of her favorites. One of her favorite things about apps is that they are so versatile – there are apps for teaching kids, apps for entertainment, apps for hobbies…She definitely believes the phrase “There’s an app for that…”

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