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August 2013
As Labor Day weekend arrives, so do all the ads on TV — it’s Back to School time! As our kids get their school supplies ready, we here at have been busy preparing our Back to School list of apps.  We have reviewed many, many educational apps through the years and had a hard time narrowing down our choices.  Below is a comprehensive list of our favorite educational apps in several different categories that will help your children brush up on their skills.
Two great new educational apps we have reviewed this week:
PlayScience II: for 2nd graders — “PlayScience II will take you on a journey of educational fun like never before! For children studying in Grade 2 – PlayScience II is the perfect way to build up their science skills. Your child will be able to enjoy a constructive, supportive, interactive fun filled environment while mastering different science concepts.”
Click here for Nikki’s full review.
Spellyfish – Short A Words: Fantastic graphics, wonderful animation, educational content and FUN! Your children will have a blast learning to read and spell with the adorable Spellyfish the Jellyfish!
Click here for Monica’s full review

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool

Newsletter Sponsor: Our Back to School newsletter is sponsored by the developers of Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool.  Based on US Common Core Standards, this action packed app will have your preschooler learning math concepts for Kindergarten with ease. With 6 exciting activities, “Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a premium game and a real breakthrough in learning that allows Preschoolers to absorb math entirely through story and play! They won’t even know they’re learning they’ll be having so much fun helping aliens Zorbit and Zippy and their friends build a rocket ship and blast off for Planet Earth.”

Organized Moms

KangaDo: Manage your child’s busy schedule, all from your pocket

MommyTaxi: Organizing your carpools just got easier with this user-friendly app

You Promised!: Keep track of the promises you make in this simple and user-friendly app

Clutch Shopping: Back To school shopping all in one place

5 “Grown Up”: apps for to dos, finance and news

Guest List Organizer: Keep track of rsvps and attendance for all the birthday parties

Writing and Listening (early childhood)

LetterSchool: A perennial favorite colorful handwriting app that is going to capture your child’s attention in an instant

Dexteria Jr: Genuine fun that will help prepare your children for writing skills. Great fine motor development!

PLAY-DOH Create ABCs: Engaging ABC trace activities with a unique use of Play-Doh

Letter Workbook: An educational app that teaches how to write the alphabet while building vocabulary

iLearn With Boing: Ocean Adventures: practice key language skills while exploring the ocean with a cute little creature

American Culture

Disney American Presidents: The perfect way to get your children interested in United States Presidential history

Thud! Presidents Edition: A great way to put your presidential knowledge and skills to the test

Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride: Introduce your children to Paul Revere and his famous ride as they travel through colonial Massachusetts

Math Apps I

Jack and the Beanstalk – A Mathematical Adventure: A wonderful way to encourage your kids to practice basic math skills. So much fun your child will not even realize they are doing math!

Operation Math: You are Agent Prime and your job is to stop Dr. Odd from eliminating the world’s even numbers. Works with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Mathmateer: Combines rocket building with math facts and slick graphics.

King of Math Junior: Various mathematics games in a medieval setting – climb the “social ladder” by answering math questions correctly & solving puzzles.

Early Childhood Math

Count, Sort and Match: Kids will learn to count to 20, spell numbers (i.e. “three”), and sort by color, shape and size.

Splash Math – Kindergarten: Join Pippo the Hippo and his animal friends as he takes your kids on a fun jungle math adventure.

Native Numbers: The first and only comprehensive Number Sense curriculum currently available in the App Store.


Ned The Neuron: Come explore the mysteries of the brain with Ned the Neuron!

Solar Walk 3D Solar System: Explore the universe with this astonishing representation of our solar system

Meet the Insects: Village Edition: This app is a jackpot for children who either love bugs or simply have the desire to learn more

Science Star Elements: Elements and compounds that kids will need to know to excel in Chemistry class


Toontastic: Great update to Toontastic, a creative way to let your child create their very own animated cartoon

Monsters vs. Superheroes Comic Book Maker: illustrate, narrate and animate your very own comic strip

PlayArt: Manipulate artistic masterpieces to create your very own work of art

Artkive: Keep and organize your children’s artwork!

myCreate: capture a series or set of photos and turn them into a stop-motion animation

Music Learning Lab: learn the fundamental principles of music through lessons, games and creative composing

Grammar & Spelling

Grammaropolis: Animates the parts of speech giving them personalities based on the roles they play in a sentence

Squeebles Words: Parents customize the experience, adding in spelling lists that are just for their children

Simplex Spelling Phonics 2 Syllables: Thorough approach to breaking down words and helping children through the spelling process

Math Apps II

Math Doodles for iPad: Math puzzles to turn mental math into a fun game.

Math Bingo: A bingo board with a twist…at the top is a math problem that you need to solve with a number on your board.

Splash Math: A fun, modern comprehensive math workbook with over 200 skills included!

Math Fun 1st Grade and 2nd Grade: Two comprehensive math apps to help reinforce your child’s school learning

Marble Math: Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes for ages 9-12. Marble Math Jr for ages 5-8.

Middle School Math

Middle School Math 7th Grade: A fun game for middle school math skills. Guide the monkey down the ladders to the end of a level. Answer questions correctly to keep going!

Symmetry School – Let’s Learn Geometry: Re-create symmetrical patterns in this challenging and FUN app!

King of Math: Now here is an addicting Math game for older children and adults! It will have you sharpening up your mental math skills without you even realizing it.

Reading (PreK-1)

My Beastly ABC’s: One of our favorite ABC’s app with beautiful illustrations and animations. Narrated by Harry Potter’s Jim Dale

Goodnight ABC’s: App that teaches the alphabet, phonics, numbers and colors with exciting animation

Duck Duck Moose Reading: With 9 word & letter activities, great rewards, kids will return to this phonics game over and over again

Endless Alphabet: Another favorite! Great activities for learning to spell, sound out letters/words, or build vocabulary

Comprehensive Education Apps (K – 12)

MindSnacks SAT Vocab: Challenging and fast paced approach to expanding your vocabulary. Addicting!

iTooch Middle School: Wonderful app for your Middle School-aged kids! Practice Math, Language Arts, and Health in a fun and motivating way.

iTooch Elementary School: Great way to reinforce the curriculum your child is learning in school or home school.

Fun Matchers: Designed for K-1 with 45 fun and educational matching activities, introduces early Math, English, General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning concepts to children.

Leo’s Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series: early learning curriculum and adventures on each “appisode”

Dollar Sense and Time

Amazing Coin (USD): Help children practice counting coins & learning about money, all in United States currency.

Splash Money: This app, hosted by a friendly little monkey, teaches the concept of money through 8 different topics.

Coin Catcher: Turn learning about money into a game! Children tilt the iPad to help a Coin Catcher catch money as it falls from the sky.

Weather and Clock for Kids: Kid-friendly app that introduces time and weather to children.

Fractions, Multiplication and More Math!

Squeebles Times Tables 2: A non-threatening and fun way to encourage children to practice their math facts.

Motion Math HD: Follows a star that has fallen from space, and must bound back up, up, up to its home in the stars. Moving fractions to their correct place on the number line is the only way to return. More from Motion Math:

Motion Math: Hungry Fish (Practice mental addition and subtraction) and

Motion Math Zoom (zoom through the number line and master place value)

Squeebles Fractions: keep your children’s attention as they work out the fraction equations and eat some delicious cake too!


State Swipe: Test your knowledge of the states and their capitals in this fast paced slicing game!

Kids Planet Discovery: learn about the world through many different ways – music, cultures, animals and much more

Our Amazing World: Antarctica: This app brings Antarctica to life in such a way that you will feel as if you have visited

Stack the Countries: an inventive and original educational app that makes learning geography fun

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