Do you have a little one that always has a baby doll in tow? Do they love to feed, change and care for their special dolls and play house? With the Big Baby app, now your little mommies and daddies-in-training can take their doll playing with them wherever they go! This great app from Ice Cream Pty Ltd lets users care for and play with four digital babies who need lots of attention (just like real babies). They need to be fed, changed, loved and given naps and it’s all up to your little ones to do so.

The great thing about this app is that there are really no rules, and users can enjoy free play to do whatever they want with the babies. They can choose to feed, clothe, and play with the babies in any order they’d like, and switch between the four babies and do it all over again. I was a little shocked when the baby I was playing with needed its diaper changed and I found quite the surprise in the diaper, but I think little users will get a kick out of that and it certainly does make the experience more realistic! The babies are very responsive to everything that you do, and the play is basically endless because you can even print and cut out your own paper versions of the babies to play with. The only thing that I would change about the app is to have a “read-to-me” function for the book activity so that smaller children who cannot read yet can hear the words aloud.

I think that this app is absolutely perfect for little ones who love to play with dolls and be caretakers. It could also be a great tool for families who might be expecting a new addition and want to get their other little children used to the idea of a new baby and show them all of the things that we have to do to take care of new babies. It’s a very simple concept, but well done and very easy for toddlers and pre-schoolers to use and understand.

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