Bill Nye the Science Guy is practically a household name for most families with children.  Bill Nye has been delighting children with fascinating scientific experiments for twenty years.  My kids absolutely love him and so do I!  It is one of the few kid’s shows that I can sit down and watch with my children without wanting to rip my hair out!  Disney has release this app to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  All you need to do to enter Bill’s world of science is a simple “fingerprint scan” to confirm your identity!

Once you enter the app, you see Bill’s desk and are invited to explore it.  Tapping each item on his desk provides you with either fun scientific facts or a science-based activity to play.  One of my favorite features was the book, which provides 6 do-it-yourself science experiments from items around your home.  They are a great way to pass the time on a summer afternoon!  Another interesting activity was the spiral which gives examples of several optical illusions and explains how each one works.  There is also a space-exploration game where you have to launch your rocket from one planet’s orbit to another; all the while you learn interesting facts about the planets and outer space.  If geology and anthropology is your area of interest, join Bill’s robot and dog for a digging adventure.  There are also clips of some of the all-time favorite Bill Nye episodes.

I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed in the lack of activities in this app.  I think I was expecting much more because it was a Disney app and “Bill Nye the Science Guy”.  While there were a couple of interesting activities, I felt like this app really just gave you a free sample of what you could get if you purchased a full-price Bill Nye app.  It kind of left me wanting more, which is maybe what the developer wanted but was unsatisfying nonetheless.  If you are a Bill Nye fan or have one in your family, this is a mediocre app even for a Free download.   It is a good way to give you a brief introduction to Bill Nye and his show, but will leave Bill Nye fans a bit disappointed and wishing for more.

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