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The best-selling Bob Books have now entered the digital age with a fabulous new app called Bob Books Reading Magic. Your children are sure to love this app as much as they will love reading by the time they are through. The interface is user-friendly, interactive and the perfect way to get kids excited about reading.

Bob Books are a long time favorite of kids, teachers and parents. Their cute and fun illustrations and easy to read stories have been the launching pad for many children’s reading skills. Now your children can enjoy the benefit of the Bob Books with some unique interactive twists to enhance their education and experience. Basically, this is a “build-on-itself” reading app. Children start out reading very simple two and three word sentences. When they tap on the words, the letter blocks appear at the bottom of the screen and the child must tap and drag the letter to its correct position. When the child taps the letters, the narrator says the sound of each letter which helps the child sound the word out as they build it. Once the child has completed this for every word in the sentence, the illustration comes to life with color and activity and the full sentence is read aloud. Each level increases in difficulty so that your child is challenged as their confidence and reading skills build.

I was already a huge fan of the Bob Books and I am equally impressed with the Reading Magic App. This app comes to me at an ideal time as well, because I have a preschooler who I will be working on reading skills with this year. I am so grateful to have access to these books at our fingertips so that he can use them to gain reading skills and have some fun while he’s at it. Bob Books Reading Magic is a definite must-have for all families who have pre-readers who are eager to learn.

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