I turned to my five year old (six next week, sigh!) son for help with my review of the Bouncy Ball app. The app has been on my phone for a few weeks and I know he’s been playing with it. I hadn’t and I was a little puzzled about what the app’s point was. So I asked Mr. O – What does it do? It’s got a ball on the screen and you bounce it was his reply. Ok, but is that all? He then gave me a guided tour of how to change the color of the ball and the background on the screen. How he figures apps out so quickly I do not know. There’s a nice variety of colors and patterns that you can choose for your bouncy ball. Backgrounds range from solid colors to sports fields. Mr. O tells me that he has a lot of fun choosing his colors. In addition to customizing colors there are more settings to fiddle with. These include maximum impulse, gravity, ball size, friction and rotational inertia. I’m not even going to pretend to know what all of those things mean but I do know that if you adjust each one it changes the way the ball bounces around the screen.

Once Mr. O had shown me how to use the app I wanted to know if he really thought Bouncy Ball was fun. The idea of flicking my finger back and forth across the screen to make a ball bounce just does not appeal to me but not apparently it does to my little guy. He tells me he likes to bounce the ball with his finger and he can also make it go by shaking my phone. I’m not so comfortable with that last part. But why do you like it? I wanted to know. Then I got the truth, the way only a child will tell you. According to Mr. O the app is fun because I don’t let him have real bouncy balls in the house. Which is true, I hate the way they sound bouncing on my floor and against the walls. Plus, I’ve got a serious paranoia that Baby J will get a hold of one, swallow it and choke. So bouncy balls have been banned from our house and when I think about that it makes sense that Mr. O enjoys this app. It may not be as satisfying as the real thing but this way he can have the enjoyment of watching a ball bounce over and over and over again. And I get to keep my cruel bouncy ball ban. It’s a win-win.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: NPC Unlimited

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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