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As a child I had an imaginary friend. She would accompany me everywhere I went and we had grand adventures together! The places we could go and the things we could do were limitless with the help of my imagination. Boy and the Seagull is a beautifully written story that pays tribute to a child’s imagination and what it is capable of.

The story opens by introducing a Seagull who lives in a beautiful seaside village with his other seagull friends. One day, he notices a little boy watching him from his window and he swoops down to meet him. The Boy and the Seagull quickly become friends and they form a special bond. Sometime later, the Seagull tells the boy that he is traveling to a far off place called Seagull Island and invites his friend to visit him there. The Boy sadly refuses the invitation because he can’t fly! The Seagull quickly tells the Boy that he can visit him there, in his imagination. He paints a beautiful picture of how to find Seagull Island by taking him down into the ocean to swim with fish and even friendly sharks! A tow from a stingray’s tail helps him on his way as well. By using his imagination, the Boy is able to visit his friend whenever he wishes!

I fell in love with this story the instant I opened it and saw the beautiful artwork and charming sound effects that bring this story to life. All of the illustrations are hand drawn and accented with watercolor paints. The life-like sound effects of the ocean and the birds transport you to a seaside village and make you feel like you are in the story. There are also interactive elements throughout the story that add to the reader’s enjoyment. The story itself is wonderfully written and I love how it encourages children to use their imagination to take them to places they’ve only dreamed of. This story is the perfect length for younger children but older children will love the message as well. In addition to the story, there are simple puzzles of some of the illustrations for your child to put together.

Boy and the Seagull is a beautiful story of friendship and imagination. The hand-drawn watercolor illustrations will draw you into the story and quickly engage even young children. The story line is simple, yet powerful and is a great tool for encouraging children to use their minds to take them anywhere they wish to go. It is a perfect bedtime (or anytime) story that your family is sure to love!

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