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What do you do when life gives you lemons? Forget the lemonade…start a band! That’s what the characters in the classic fairy tale “Bremen Town Musicians” do! This all new re-telling of this fun story is sure to delight a whole new generation of children and teach them the value of having an optimistic attitude when things don’t go your way.

Donkey is an aging work animal who has grown so old and weak that he could no longer keep up with his master’s demands. When his master kicks him out, he is initially frightened and doesn’t know what to do. Then he decides to journey to the great city of Bremen and sing and make music! As he travels the road to Bremen, he meets several animal friends whose plight is similar to his own. There is a hunting dog who has grown too old to hunt and ran away from his master who was going to kill him. The dog agrees to join donkey and make music. Next, they meet a cat who is too old to catch mice anymore and was about to be drown by his master. Cat joins the group as well. Finally, they meet an old rooster who is about to become his family’s next meal and he joins the band! This rag-tag band journeys along and soon becomes tired and hungry. They see a house in the distance with lights on and decide to check it out, hoping to gain shelter and food. Inside are a group of evil thieves who are merrily feasting. The animals wanted to get in there, but knew that alone they couldn’t defeat the robbers. So they come up with a plan to outwit the robbers and get what they desire.

Bremen Town Musicians is a wonderful story that your children will love. I have loved every Pony App Fairy Tale eBook I have reviewed and this one is no different. The illustrations are beautiful and filled with vibrant color and detail. Each page is interactive which really adds to the enjoyment of the story. Within the story are mini-games that go along with the story; things like puzzles, hidden pictures, matching games and more! I also loved the message the story teaches to children. It is a great way to teach children how a positive attitude and determination can make even the bleakest of circumstances better, especially when you can make new friends along the way. Right now in iTunes, this is a FREE app and I would definitely recommend you get it while you can. It is a steal for a free, ad-free app! This book is perfect for children of all ages. They will love the story, the characters and the games. Pick up Bremen Town Musicians today!

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