I have a confession to make. I’m a virtual hoarder. I looked at my Pinterest account today and I found have over 2000 pins, I was a bit frightened. That’s when I closed the app and quietly tucked all that creativity away. In my stash of files I have boards for cleaning, and crafts and all sorts of other things I’ll probably never look at twice. It might even be safe to say, “I need help”. This week I think I found that help in a hand dandy app called BrightNest. Its kind of like an informative, motivational to-do list that inspired me to do more than add to my virtual stash, but actually check things off the list.

BrightNest is designed to present helpful hints in an organized manner and get things done around your house. First thing you will be asked to do is create a profile, it’s a fast and easy tap the button set-up that results in an organized data base of tips customized just for your lifestyle. There are eight categories to choose from in your selections and of course I chose them all: $$ Savvy, Clean, Green, Healthy, Handy, Hungy, Curious and Creative. As items appear you can send it to your list of likes and remember it later, schedule it on your calendar, check it done or simply delete.

Here are some of the things I was able to accomplish this week with BrightNest:

Top on my list of check-it-done was replace the batteries in the smoke detectors. Inevitably if my husband is out of town the battery dies. At 1 a.m., in the alarm I can’t reach even with our tallest ladder. Not only are all of the batteries replaced, but that evil one was swapped out for one with a ten year battery, $$ Savvy and Green.

Another suggestion for me this week was to organize my closet. Great tips were included to help decide what to keep, what to donate and what to toss. Some things I don’t wear often, but I’m not ready to part with yet. On those I tagged the hanger. If I wear it within six months I keep it and remove the tag. If not I will donate it. Taking care of seasonal items was addressed and links to where to find affordable containers were included. I loved that there was a time expectation of 60 minutes. I didn’t want to spend a whole day on that job so, I scheduled another 60 minutes for later on. Clean and Healthy, it was a weight of my mind.

While I was exploring the app my Clean tip was to”Be Your Own Dry Cleaner.”My oldest daughter loves fashion and nice clothing, don’t we all. She’s pretty good at bargain hunting too but when she finds a shirt or dress she just loves, looking at the washing instructions doesn’t cross her mind. BrightNest was very conscientious in their suggestions. Making sure I checked the fabric content first, verifying some that should always be taken to the professionals. After determining that it can indeed be cared for at home, it helped me decide the best treatment option. Some things I can do in the machine on delicate, others are hand wash. All were hang dry. Clean, Green and $$ Savvy.

Anytime I find an app that helps me keep this nest tidy, organized and happy its a bright spot in my day. BrightNest has certainly done that for me and no additional “hoarding” was involved.


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When is come to the gadgets, gizmos and whats-its of the modern world, her three kids keep her up to speed. Whether its watching yet another iTunes card go up in smoke while music downloads at the speed of sound, teenage blogging, term paper research or the youngest studying spelling and math facts, she tries to ignore how many hours are logged on the hand held devices in her home. All that being said, the growth and learning the gizmos provide never cease to amaze her.

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