Does this sound like something that might happen at your house? Your toddler is begging for a turn with your iPad, or iPod Touch oriPhone. In my house that would be my Miss J asking for a turn with Elmo’s Monster Maker on the iPad. “Melmo, Melmo” – over and over again. If it’s a reasonable time for the request we’ll sit down and play. She’s at that age where she’s beginning to insist on trying to do things herself, even if the result is going to be the exact opposite of what she wants. So she’s going to be bound and determined to get that iPad into her lap.The app will begin and she’s going to start tapping away on the screen, having a great time until she hits that home button. All of a sudden Elmo is gone and things are not okay. So we fire Monster Maker back up and it’s all good until she finds the home button again. Bye Bye monsters. It is a button after all, and she is a toddler so that button is going to be pushed. Over and over. What began as fun will have quickly turned into a tantrum and an exercise of frustration for all involved. Sound familiar to anyone out there?

A few weeks ago I re-tweeted a story about the home button going away in a future version of the iPad. I mentioned that this would definitely solve some toddler issues we’ve been having. A little while later I had a Tweet from Paperclip Robot about their product the BubCap. Turns out they’ve created a solution to the Toddler vs Home Button problem and they wanted to know if I’d like to try out a BubCap for review on my site. Absolutely!

So what exactly is a BubCap? It’s a thin, flexible piece of plastic that adheres to your device’s screen, covering the home button. The material is thin enough to allow older children and adults to press the button but rigid enough so that toddlers can’t. The BubCap comes in two versions, regular and ultra. The ultra version is more rigid and meant for those children who are completely determined that the button must be pushed. The plastic won’t work if your device has a screen protector and you’ll have to make sure the screen is clean before you apply it. After I cleaned my screen I had no trouble getting mine to stay, or removing and then reattaching it a few hours later.

Now for the big question, did the BubCap actually work? It worked perfectly at our house. Miss J and I spent some time making monsters today and she tried to find the home button but gave up after a few attempts. We were both quite happy, no one was frusturated and I’m more than happy with the BubCap solution. It’s a wonderful solution to my pesky button problem.

BubCaps can be found at the Paperclip Robot website where a pack of four retails for $5.00, with free shipping.

You can also find BubCaps for sale on

Disclosure: I received a free pack of BubCaps to review but If I’d known about them sooner I would have bought a pack on my own. Ingenious product!


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  1. Paperclip Robot

    Thanks for your review! Just wanted to let you know, many people have told us they use BubCaps over screen protectors without any problems. But because the adhesion between the BubCap and the screen protector is not predictable, we don’t officially recommend it.


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