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Rhyming words are much more fun with rhyming word apps like this one! Bud’s Rhyming Words is a great way to encourage your school-aged children to learn and practice their phonics skills. This app provides three fun games that will teach and test rhyming skills for your children. Additionally, the ability to set up separate profiles for each child makes this a great tool for parents and teachers alike.

Meet Bud; a cute little brown-haired boy who will accompany your children on their rhyming adventure. Your kids can join him in one of three games that come with this app. First up is the Word Families game. Here, they can select a vowel sound that will comprise the word families that they will learn. Next a group of 5 rhyming words in a word family will appear with pictures of each of those words at the top of the screen. Your child must read the word, find the corresponding picture, and tap and drag it to the appropriate spot above the word. Second, is the Pick and Click game. This activity will test their ability to find the rhyming word without the actual word to help them. Bud thinks of a word such as and your child must look at 6 given pictures to and find the picture whose name rhymes with Bud’s word. Finally, there is the Catch the Match game. In this game, a scuba-diving Bud is floating along the ocean floor and your child must use arrow buttons to move him up and down to catch rhyming words as they drift by. Every game awards points for correct answers and provides plenty of cheering and positive reinforcement for completed tasks. There is also a performance review where parents and teachers can monitor their children or student’s progress and performance. This report can also be emailed from the app to a parent or teacher.

Overall, I thought this app was pretty good. The number of word families and pictures seemed virtually endless. There were plenty of options and variety to keep each activity new with little repetition. I thought the games were pretty fun, but didn’t seem to hold the attention of my kids for too long. Also, my kids seemed to get a bit frustrated because some of the pictures are a little difficult to decipher. For example, the picture for the word “thanks” is a boy bowing. My kids, and even I, had a difficult time figuring out some of the pictures but once you do you’ll know them for when they appear again. Bud’s Rhyming Words is a great learning tool but probably not an app that will keep your kids entertained for long. Despite that, I would highly recommend this app for teachers to use in their classrooms or for parents who would like a way to help their kids practice some rhyming!

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