Let the games begin, Bug Games – by Busy Bee Preschool will have your kids counting numbers, learning phonics, enjoying music, and exercising their brains as they master puzzles. Bug Games features four preschool-aged games (one for each area of learning) and sticker rewards to keep little ones engaged. In the Counting game children need to help the little spider connect the dots on her spider web in numerical order. Once the dots have been connected the hidden object will be revealed. Little bees are there to help your little one learn Phonics. Children must drag letters to their ghost images in the correct order to hear the sound of the individual letters and eventually the word; once three words have been completed a butterfly emerges. A concert of crickets introduces children to four nursery rhyme songs. By clicking on the image of a song, little ones can hear the crickets sing to them in harmony. If your little one chooses they can touch the crickets while they are singing to hear the song in a new way. In the Puzzle game, the ants need your child’s help to get home. Their tunnels have been broken up and kids need to touch each piece of the tunnel to rotate them and make the tunnel whole again. Once the tunnel puzzle has been completed the ants are able to march home. Children are rewarded with digital stickers after they have discovered three objects in Counting, built three words in Phonics, or solved three ant Puzzles. My three year old loves this app; her favorite games are the musical crickets (lately I find that I have the song Hot Cross Buns stuck in my head at least once a day) and the connect-the-dots Counting game. At first she had a bit of trouble with the ant puzzles, but I just needed to show her how to rotate the tunnel pieces to make them connect and now she is proud of herself when she solves them without any help. Bug Games is a delightful way for young children to learn the basics of counting, phonics, music, and puzzles.

The interface of Bug Games is easy for a little one to navigate around on their own. From the title page children can select which game they want to play; the game titles are accompanied with the bugs that are featured in the games so that even a child who can not read is able to pick which game they want to play. Bug Games is built to keep a young child intrigued- this app features interactive activity, colorful, fun characters, and amusing music and sounds. Busy Bee Studios has once again created a fantastic app that will have your little one learning while they have fun.

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Price for Bug Games – by Busy Bee Preschool: $.99 and Price for Bug Games HD – by Busy Bee Preschool (iPad only): $1.99

See Bug Games – by Busy Bee Preschool in iTunes and See Bug Games HD – by Busy Bee Preschool in iTunes

Requirements for Bug Games – by Busy Bee Preschool:

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Seller: Busy Bee Studios

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Christine Horvath

    I would love to win a copy of the HD version to use with my OT kiddos… always great to have dot to dot activities, and love the motor planning required for the ant tunnels.

  2. JoDee

    Congratulations #2 Maggi, #3 Christine, #4 Kristi, #7 Betsy and #1 Ana


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