How many conversations have you had with your child that started with the sentence “What if”?  Probably more than you can count. It’s a fun way to get to know your child and what they think about.  In Caillou Imagination Camping that question has been changed to the story starting statement, “I imagine”.

In a learning environment titled edutainment, the developers at Fingerprint Digital Inc cleverly incorporate basic story building skills into a fun adventure with familiar characters.  This Step by Story method is very simple including just four elements that keep it well suited for ages 2-5.

I really liked the way this app teaches about sequencing in a story.  When you choose Make a Story, a scroll menu appears in the middle of the screen.  Along the bottom is a numbered list to drag and drop the pictures into.  The first tab is for the location and the menu includes pictures of familiar places for Caillou to pitch his tent. They can choose from the backyard, the bedroom, the playroom, the living room or Daycare.  The second step asks you to choose a narrator from Caillou’s family and friends to imagine the story.  Third, choose a personality for Caillou, he might be a lion or a spaceman, to name a few.  Fourth and fifth ask for things to imagine Caillou doing or playing with.

After you have completed the steps you can play your story. They have the option of sharing it too if parents have enrolled in the Fingerprint Play. Sometimes your child would rather just watch a story and that option is available too with many prepared “movies” to choose from.  In Play a library of prepared stories are ready to watch.  Silly provides some interaction as you shuffle the elements to create a new story.

As mentioned above, this app includes the Fingerprint Play capability,which is designed to provide a safe place for children to explore other apps. The in app Mom Comm/Kid Comm feature allows parents to share the fun their kids have found and track their progress through the games.  I did not explore this feature extensively but I would like to have the Fingerprint in a different location on the home page of the app.  It was easy to access with just a finger tap and I think would be frustrating for the young users that just want to play the app not go exploring.

Overall, I liked the app’s design that encourages creative play while building important pre-reading skills.  I think pre-schoolers will like it too.








Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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