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Caroline’s Camera is a fun new photography game for kids.  With Caroline’s Camera, kids can explore a game that is just as much about rhythm as it is about photography.  I thought that the concept of this game was really cool and I love the unique spin on a rhythm game!

The app introduces us to Caroline, who has a new part-time job as a photographer at the newspaper office.  Caroline will become the trainee photographer as she learns how to pick up the rhythm of photographing, including – pressing the shutter in the right timing and snapping a brilliant shot!  As kids help Caroline take better pictures – they will hit the headlines.  The game is all about rhythm, and finding the rhythm in photography.  I love this concept!

There are different kinds of rhythms to pick up and learn.  Kids will practice in the newspaper office, or enjoy photographing in free-play mode.  Kids can save their pictures and share them with others.  I also love how kids can collect more interesting cameras along the way.

I really enjoyed Caroline’s Camera.  If you have a child who is interested in photography, definitely check this one out!  I will definitely be playing this app with my son!

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