For today’s app review I turned to one of my built in testers-reviewers, the ones I turn to whenever I’ve got a game that looks like fun but perhaps not quite my cup of tea, my kids. To tackle the mischievous primates in Catch the Monkey I enlisted the help of my nine year old Miss S. What follows is her review, with just a little bit of editing (for continuity) by mom.

In Catch the Monkey there is a farmer who has a problem with monkeys that are trying to eat his plants. In the game you are the farmer and you tickle the monkeys to distract them so the farmer can throw them out of the garden. You don’t have to move the farmer all you have to do is tickle the monkeys. You tickle the monkeys by moving your finger on the screen. There are also stars to catch. The monkeys have a cute laugh when you are tickling them. I agree with Miss S about the laugh, it was adorable.

As you go through the levels you will get new items from the farmer’s wife to add to your tool belt. At the beginning of the second level you get a banana tool and it costs 10 energy units to use. It distracts the monkeys for about 7-8 seconds. At the beginning of the third level you get gum. The tools help you but only for a certain amount of time and they all cost energy units. At each level you’ll get instructions on how to use the new tool. The game is easy to play and the monkeys are cute.

Thanks Miss S. for giving us a glimpse into the farmer’s troubles. Catch the Monkey sounds like a fun game for the entire family. Here are a few quotes from the App Store description with more details:

Monkeys come from the jungle wearing hats, boots, and vests! It’s up to you to discover how to deal with each unique type of monkey.

The action gets fast and furious! Unlock new funny tools like the Scarecrow or the Cardboard Box and use them in clever combos to keep up with the waves of curious monkeys!

Casual mode allows young and new players to enjoy the game with challenge without frustration. Normal mode is where the deep challenge is, put your skill and strategies to the test.

Save up your stars because you’ll need everyone of them to buy over 20 upgrades to your tools and to add special abilities.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Seller: Mirthwerx

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the app for review purposes.

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