Back in the School Groove Contest

Get back in the learning groove with a little fun to go along. Milk Hunt: Kids Math Games combines math practice with a fast paced runner game. For the tiny tots left at home when the bus pulls away, Duckie Deck Gotta Go is there to help them learn independent skills so they can be a big kid too.

Trendi, Rendi OtterBox Giveaway!

I am super excited to share this week's product giveaway with you! Its a "trendi" new style twist on a trusted product offered by Rendi. I've been a fan of  their Story Wall and Photo products for several...

Powerful Father’s Day Giveaway!

Turning the calendar into June brings an end to the school year, the beginning of summer fun and Father's Day!  With the month started already there are only two weeks until we get to honor the fathers in our...

Monday Promo Codes Giveaway!

Our house is full of quirky sayings and punny jokes, a tradition started long ago by my grandmothers. One was superstitious and you better believe she thought it was more than poor judgement for someone to...

Monday Promo Code Giveaway!

Creativity is a focus with our apps this week. You may choose to draw a crazy dinosaur car or craft your mode of transport from things in your recycling bin. Finish up your fun with an imaginative story to make your day complete.

Monday Promo Codes Giveaway!

Monki Animal Builder is a great place to be silly. So many crazy things to put together your child will definitely be in party mood. And a party is right up Lola Panda's alley. Her celebration is a great way to learn about ABC's while having fun, so enjoy this week's giveaway!

Monday Promo Code Giveaway!

We have had some beautifully sunny days this week.  It had me thinking I'd get a jump start on my garden this year, I planted lettuce and spinach and got the soil ready for peas and potatoes.  I can hardly...