Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards Review

See the App in iTunes App A Box Price: $2.99 The Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards app is a fun educational app for kids of various ages.  With Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards, children can join Cucu who is...

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Education Apps Children learn best when they are open-minded and having fun. That's why we've developed a list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. This collection allows your child to grow and develop...

Flashcards for iPad – Kids Flashcards

I thought that having the option to purchases languages besides English was great, because you could use this as an opportunity to teach your child basic words in a second language. ... You are able to purchase the Full Version (languages not included), including all 8 additional flashcard categories, as well as the Word Game Add-on and the Spelling Game Add-on for $3.99 currently through in-app purchases.