Crock-Pot Recipes Review

I have an appliance that often finds itself tucked away on a hard to reach self in my pantry. Its not that it’s a bad appliance having a “time-out”, it’s just kind of bulky to leave on the counter all the time. Recently the app, Crock-Pot, brought my little helper down from the shelf and I was surprised at all the creative recipes we enjoyed on some hectic evenings.

Edamam Review

Edamam is a recipe search engine that I’m excited to share with you. You see I collect recipes. I have a lovely shelf in my pantry that was made to contain my favorite cookbooks and recipe snippets. Most of my snippets are discoveries I've made online, printed and stuffed on the shelf. The problem with this is, I have to go through my stacks to find the one I’m looking for. Enter Edamam.