Inch Worm by White Pixels Review

Inch Worm by White Pixels is a wonderful app that provides challenging, problem solving fun for all ages! Your ability to think through problems and obstacles will be challenged in this family-friendly game.

Game Apps for Kids

Sometimes you have to set the educational apps aside and just give your kids a break and let them have some fun. Need to keep them out of your hair for a long drive or while you visit with a friend? We have...

Crazy Gears Review

See the App in iTunes Seven Academy Price: $0.99 Crazy Gears is the perfect app for kids who like to understand the way things work and what makes them tick.  With Crazy Gears, kids can explore...

Blotty Pots

Blotty Pots is a strategy game where players try to be the first to fill in a game board of paint pots with their color. Strategy is involved as players take turns and pots are only filled up a little at a...